2019-2020 Awardees

“It will fall because we will knock it down:” institutional and non-institutional processes of prevention, attention, denunciation and sanction of gender-based violence in university environments in Colombia

Since 2016 in Colombia, universities have started to build gender equality policies and protocols to address and eradicate gender-based violence (GBV). However, the institutional inefficiency, the procedural speed of reporting and punishment, and the lack of budgetary allocation make it so that universities in Colombia continue to be unsafe and insecure places for women and sexual/ gender non-conformists. The aim of this project is to investigate the processes of Prevention, Care, Reporting, and Punishment (Spanish acronym: PADS) against different forms of GBV in four universities (two public and two private) located in Bogota,Colombia. These universities have protocols for the care and prevention of GBV.

Through connective ethnography, participant observation, interviews, focus groups, social mapping, and memory workshops, we are looking to: (1) Identify the most frequent forms of sexual violence and other forms of GBV in each of the universities, (2) Analyze the process for the design and implementation of the existing protocols in each of the universities, and (3) Build the memory of groups, institutions, observatories, and teachers that have worked with Prevention, Care, Reporting, and Punishment (Spanish acronym: PADS) and GBV at the four universities.

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