2019-2020 Awardees

Diagnosis and improvement of the actions undertaken by the Universidad Autónoma Benito Juárez de Oaxaca (UABJO) to promote the organization of female students in the prevention and eradication of violence against women

This project aims to: 1) Analyze the development process of the creation and implementation of protocols and other possible public policies aimed to prevent, address and eradicate violence against  women at the Universidad Autónoma Benito Juárez de Oaxaca (UABJO). By analyzing this, the project will evaluate the level of institutional commitment to preventing sexual violence, the problems and limitations that are being faced, as well as the impact these policies have had fundamentally in female students; 2) Review the “grassroots” responses from women students facing discrimination to identify their level of intervention, train them, and to reinforce, or incentivize the creation of prevention and care proposals.

Since these types of policies are very new and scarce at UBAJO, and student participation is very low, it is necessary and urgent to push for actions along both lines. One side includes evaluating and making a proposal to improve the protocol for  addressing cases of violence and having real strategies for eradicating  gender-based violence in the university environment. The other focuses on preparing and engaging a group of students to create and implement strategic proposals for reporting and preventing gender-based violence within the university community.

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